NEW GOLF RULES 2019 | The 20 Most Important CHANGES

Summary of the 20 most important rules changes for 2019. As of 2019, new golf rules apply worldwide. It is the most major revision of the rules for more than 30 …



  1. ScullinHugh says

    Great Video. well done.

  2. ScullinHugh says

    Great simple video. made watching easy and fun.

  3. George Liss says

    Does the embedded relief apply to sand traps?

  4. George Liss says

    Embedded ball in bunker?

  5. Bill Norton says

    Excellent video

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  7. Charlie stultz says

    Great video

  8. Charlie stultz says

    Great video very informative

  9. Sandy Bodner says

    Found your info to be very good. Would like to know other changes in rules for the year 2019

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    Well done!

  11. Bruce Schorsten says

    Very informative All golfer should watch..

  12. Gregory F Mann says

    Very succinct and useful.

  13. Jim Murrell says

    Very beneficial review

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    Nice to know the rules !!!

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    Very helpful video!

  16. Diane Powell says

    Very good short summary of golf rules changes .

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    very concise and helpful

  19. Al Gatto says

    Great! Very informative. Thanks for sharing.

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    This was very helpful. Appreciate receiving this update

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    This video is very helpful.

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    Excellent job. Clear and conscise. Keep up the good work!

  25. deb says

    Useful info on changes presented – thank you

  26. Larry Rood says

    That was a very nice update thank you I’m sure it will come in handy the next time I play in a competitive match or tournament golf rules Get itgolf rules

  27. Gill Holcroft says

    Very clear and easy to understand

  28. seb Iavasile says

    Very interesting and good info to know when your playing the game of gold.

  29. Judy Reid says

    great video with the rules changes – really well done

  30. Tebert says

    Great explanation of the news rules, where is your new rules book being sold?

  31. Len Pelland says

    Very good

  32. Timothy Jones says

    Very informative and helpful. Thanks.

  33. Kaye says

    Great video. Well explained

  34. Chris Turner says

    Excellent video golf rules made simple

  35. Sharan says

    Excellent video! Well organized and easy to understand.

  36. john phillips says

    Where can I get a copy of the new rules or The twenty biggest changes.

  37. Ann Smillie says

    Very helpful. Already bought the quick reference which is excellent. Please keep me updated of changes.

  38. JORGE TOLEDO says

    Great Video! Very well done!

  39. Jack says

    How do I get hard copies

  40. Pam Kay says

    The video is excellent. Is there anyway I can download it to share with my golf membership at my club? We are purchasing books for each of the 50 members.

  41. Bob Demsey says

    Very informative

  42. cm lapp says

    Very practical explanations of rule changes for 2019

  43. Sonya says

    How can i order your new rules booklet?

  44. Alan wilans says

    Very informative and well done.

  45. Frank Destadio says

    Excellent summary!!!

  46. Jayne Riley says

    Excellent video: can’t wait to use the new rules

  47. Jim Boyle says

    Well done

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    Thank you for new rules

  49. S Carnes says

    Excellent information and presented well

  50. Ronald Rankin says

    Thank you, well done.

  51. Kate Fisher says

    What about ball sitting in divots in the fairway?

  52. Dave Buchan says

    Very good video & common-sense changes.

  53. Bill Southwick says

    Thankyou for making the rules change which will speed up play

  54. Lowell says

    The new rules are good I think they will dpeed up the game

  55. gerry says

    about time

  56. Joan Kay says

    This was very helpful. Thanks. where do you get the handy guide shown?

  57. Judy Crain says

    Thanks for this great explanation of the 2019 golf rules changes.

  58. Alex Wasylenko says

    New rules well explained!

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  60. Bob Atkins says

    Excellent explanations. FINALLY, golf rules based on “common sense”.

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  62. Lou Romano says

    Is a yellow staked area also considered a penalty are? Can I ground the club?

  63. Carol says

    Awesome. Thanks.

  64. Dawn Corcoran says

    Thank you, very helpful.

  65. Hal Williams says

    good job. very helpful.

  66. Robert fuoroli says

    well done…

  67. Brian Casadonte says

    great video

  68. Frederick Yack says

    I noticed in New Rules there was nothing about Equitable Stroke Control. I heard that Equitable Stroke Control was going back to previous rules namely double bogey maximum in mid handicap level as opposed to “7” as maximum. Was the system changed for ESC as well as rest if rules???

  69. Jim Olson says

    Excellent summary. Thank you.

  70. jim bradshaw says

    Good presentation
    Very Helpful

  71. Bill Hutchings says

    Great video

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    Thanks. Very helpful.

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    Very helpful. Thanks.

  74. Jeffrey A Stone says

    Great info in a very to understand format. Are you going to offer your rules app for the Android?

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    Excellent video

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    This video was great. Thank you.

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  79. Donald Nelson Phillis says

    Very interesting. Wonderful changes made and I hope it speeds up play. Especially at the pro level. I would suggest that the next video be made by someone that a much clearer speech. He was very difficult to understand!

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  81. w. mcmanus says

    great report!

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    Very helpful!

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    Excellent video on the rules.

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    great video on rule changes

  85. Mike Seifer says

    I just finished the 4 day USGA/PGA 2019 Rules Workshop, and your video is a perfect compliment to what was studied and reviewed in the workshop.

  86. Pat says

    Good video! Helpful!!!

  87. Abby Vanderwood says

    Very concise and make golf move faster.

  88. tom says

    best elucidation of the rules changes I have seen. thank you

  89. Richard says

    I find your video on the new rules changes for 2019 very well done.

  90. Joseph Long says

    you didnt cover the local rule of dropping from out of bound shot.

  91. Barbara StJohn says

    Excellent description of rule changes!!

  92. suzy burwick says

    so are you saying the new rule about hitting the flag stick allows you to leave the flag stick in for all your putts? I can play 18 hoes of golf and never take the flag out

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  94. Latricia Nicholson says

    Thank you for this very helpful information.

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    Very informative and simply explained.

  96. Vijay S. Rajan says

    Thank you, Yves. The summary is extremely helpful. I am sure it will help us prevent controversies in addition to speeding the game.

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    Great Video explaining the new rules!

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    very good. thank you.

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