KLES’s 50 Compressed Wipes + Dispenser for Sports, Travel, Beauty, Baby (Pack of 50)

Price: £20.00

50 coin size wipes that expand with a few drops of water. It includes a very useful dispenser to carry up to 8 wipes and a spray of water so that they expand. You can use in travel, sports, makeup or with the babies care.50 coins of biodegradable material (100% Rayon) which becomes a wipes just with a few drops of water. Space saving.
It could be very useful in different outdoors sports like fishing, campping, riding bicycle. Also,it has infinite cosmetic uses such as cleaning the face, the baby, after eating.
Use your own towels and prevents allergies or other skin diseases.
Wipes dispenser which includes liquid deposit and spray. Very useful and occupies little space. Healthy towels because they do not have alcohol you really knows what liquid you add to the towel.
Eventually you can add your own perfume to the towel.

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