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ionocore® Elbow Support Brace – Golf & Tennis Elbow Arm Strap – Lightweight and Adjustable with EVA Compression Pad – One-Size (1)


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Is tennis elbow pain losing you points on the court?
Is your elbow so sore that you can’t keep your golf ball on the fairway?
Do you have a stiff arm after typing on your keyboard all day?
Need extra joint support to help with those heavy lifts in the gym?
Too many trips to the physio?

We’re here to help! The new ionocore® elbow brace is designed to offer a solution to these problems.

The unisex innovative elbow support can be used by men and women who play golf, tennis, squash, badminton, snooker, pool or train for crossfit or weight lifting fitness exercises. ionocore® elbow brace may reduce pain associated with frequent use of computers, arthritis, tendinitis, and sprains. The brace can be worn on either arm.

2 durable, high-quality hoop and loop velcro attachments at each end of the strap allows for fully adjustable and customisable compression levels to suit the user based on personal requirements and pain levels. The medical grade EVA pad technology provides precise pressure to the tendons for perfect relief.

The small, lightweight neoprene design makes the ionocore® brace suitable for all day use which can go unnoticed, without causing sweat.

1. To apply the brace, rub the outside of your elbow area to feel for any muscle tenderness.
2. Slide the brace up your arm ensuring the compression pad is 5-10cm directly below the area of tenderness.
3. Slip each end of the velcro strap through the buckles and fold them over to fasten.
4. As the entire outer surface of the brace will hold the velcro, you can overlap the ends for a tighter fit.
5. Adjust the straps until you find a comfortable level of compression without restricting bloodflow.

IMPORTANT: Hand wash only. Do Not dry clean, iron nor bleach. Lie flat to dry.

Money-back quality guarantee.

TENNIS ELBOW PAIN RELIEF – the unisex elbow brace from ionocore is the perfect solution to persistent elbow pain from racket sports and keyboard/computer use.
MANY USES – Offers support from pain associated with sports injuries such as tendinitis, sprains, tennis elbow (epicondylitis), golfers elbow and injuries from manual labour. As well as support for weightlifting in the gym.
ONE SIZE – 2 high-strength adjustable ends of the velcro strap for customisable compression and comfort to fit almost any arm and individual requirements.
HIGH QUALITY – Durable medical grade quality EVA pad protects the elbow and arm and provides the best comfort and performance. Composition: 65% Rubber, 35% nylon.
COMFORT – The ionocore elbow brace offers comfortable compression, and can easily be worn under your work shirt to help you through the day. Each strap can be worn on either your left or right forearm.


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