Geila 10Pcs PU Leather Waterproof Golf Iron with Velcro Lock-in Design Head Covers Set Iron Club Headcover (Blue)

Price: £15.99

Perfect to protect your club:
These club head covers are the perfect protection for your golf club if you travel or
Always put your club out of your car. These not only keep you up
The club is clean and easy, but it can also make the correct club in the bag easier.
Made of durable and waterproof synthetic leather, combined with wear-resistant materials
Head sets.
Material: PU leather
Color: Black / Blue
Number: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 AW PW SW
Suitable for all brands of golf iron head
Package Included:
10 Counting iron head cover: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 AW PW SW1:Good compatibility: these sets of iron will apply to women’s or men’s clubs, if it is right-handed or left-handed, are not important. No problem to fit: suitable for all brands of golf iron head.
2:Waterproof and PU leather: waterproof jacket so that the golf head cover will not get wet, regardless of whether the golf began to rain, do not worry. It is also easy to clean, only need a piece of cloth.
3:VELCRO lock design: these covers for large clubs, there is a Velcro lock in the lid, the lid fixed to the club. You will fall in love with the club’s head cover and will not fall off during a round of golf.
4:Thickness Unlike other head covers, these are made of very thick materials. They keep your golf irons do not make a click and scratched in your golf bag.
5:Manual Embroidery Number: Make it easy for you to find the club you are looking for.

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