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INMAKER No Tie Laces for Kids and Adults, Silicone Flat Shoe Laces for Trainer, Elastic Waterproof Tieless Running Shoe Laces (M/White)


Price: [price_with_discount]

What could our products bring to you?
* Good-bye Tie! Whether you’re a runner training for the Boston Marathon, Mom wanting to put an end to unite in your kids’shoes or if you’re recovering from an injury/surgery (knee replacement) during physical therapy, no tie shoelaces set you free from tying your shoelaces again. Quick Put On, once and for all.
* Good-bye Off! No need to keep your friends waiting due to the loose of your shoelaces while you are shopping. No worry of your kids tripping up by the shoelaces while they are running.
What are the sizes of these products?
* Kids Size, package include: 1 set (6*2 pcs) shoelaces (length: 4.1/4.45/4.85/5.25/5.65/6.05cm).
* Adults Size, package include: 1 set (8*2 pcs) shoelaces (length: 4.1/4.45/4.85/5.25/5.65/6.05/6.55/7.1cm).
* Adults Plus Size, package include: 1 set (8*2 pcs) shoelaces (length:4.85/5.25/5.65/6.05/6.55/7.1/7.5/8.0cm).
* It would comfort you if you pick your right choices.
What are the advantages of our no-tie shoelaces?
* The “Stick to Holes” design, can bear amazing tension, make your shoelaces hard to pop out, and it can adjust the tightness according to your footwear.
* The “High Simulation of Shoelaces Texture” design, makes the whole shoes more coordinated.
* The “Multi-Color” design, 13 colors choices, chooses your favorites to fit your mood of the day and make your unique shoes in the world.
What’s the material of the products?
* Made of silicon, resilient, hard to fracture.
* Non-toxic and friendly to the environment.
* Soft and comfortable, wear resistant and easy cleaning.
Do our products fit all the shoes?
* Our products do fit 90 percent of the shoes on the market, however, if the holes on your shoes are so large or small, then you will need to reconsider it.
* Don’t buy our product for your shoes which have no holes on them.GOOD BYE TIE: Change your shoes into a slip-on, no worry about tying your shoes during any activities, highlight your performance anytime.
SILICONE MATERIAL: Intact after 10,000 times of Stretch Test, no need to be afraid of the sudden breakage during intense exercise. Soft and no pressure points at the top of your feet. Water proof, easy cleaning.
FUN COLORS: Multi-color to choose to fit your mood, make your shoes more fashionable and the kids may love to put the shoes on by themselves because of the various kinds of colors collocations could made on their own.
UNIQUE GRIP DESIGN: Feel free to engage the activity without worrying about the awkward due to the popping out.
EIGHT SIZES OF LENGTH: You can choose the sizes according to your feet without concerning oversize or if they are too tight.


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