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COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh Dye 30 ml DIY Repair Colour, dye, restorer for scuffs, small cracks on car seats, sofas, bags, settees and clothing – F034 Black


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COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh is a colour refresher (dye) for light scratches,worn or faded leather. It is to be applied with a sponge (included) and dried with a hair dryer or heat gun. Leather Fresh is ideal to refresh small colour damages on car leather, furniture leather, leather garments and handbags. Do not use on porous leathers. Leather Fresh is available in 46 shades from our colour chart. Leather Fresh ‘Black’ is the most popular colour. The Leather Fresh repairs minor cracks and scratches and restores the colour and is a cheaper alternative to a full restoration.

Very Important: Ensure repair surface is thoroughly cleaned prior to applying Leather Fresh. For best results, use COLOURLOCK Mild or Strong Leather Cleaner. This prevents the fixation of dirt on the leather’s surface through the use of colour or care. Our COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Brush facilitates work on heavy soiling in the depths of the grain. After cleaning, or in the case of recently cared or oily leather, you should degrease it before colouring or applying any care product using COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Spirit. Apply the colour after the cleaner has dried, usually 1-3 hours after cleaning. Use a sponge to apply the colour evenly on the respective surfaces, working from seam to seam. Dry afterwards with a hair dryer. Only treat surfaces with colour changes! If high opacity is desirable, apply colour in several layers and dry in-between with a hair dryer. We also recommend protecting the repaired area with COLOURLOCK Leather Protector.

PLEASE NOTE – Computer screens display colours differently. If unsure about which colour, please email us with address details and we will send a colour chart by post for free!

Excellent for car and furniture leather, leather jackets, handbags and other leather items
COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh dye consists of binding agents and top coats to make it long lasting and easy to apply
Once dried it becomes colourfast and does not transfer onto other materials
150ml usually enough to colour one set of furniture. Also sold in 30ml and 1Litre bottles
For car interiors, please check our listings with marque specific leather colours.


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