‘U.S. Kids Golf Ultra Light Set 51, 125 cm – 132 cm, Age 7-9 Years, Golf Clubs For Kids, Girls – Fairway Driver, Iron/Iron 6.8, Pitching Wedge, Putter, Bag, Maximum Distance and Control, Soft Feel, Lightweight, Stainless Steel

Price: £139.27

U.S. Kids Golf Ultralight Starter Set UL 51/For Sizes 135 cm UL – 51 (135 cm) with the size UL – 51 Make children the first steps into the golfers life. You will receive a Tragebag (Double Strap) with automatic flip stand 1 x 6 Iron 1 x Iron 8 1 x Wood 3 1 x Pitching way (PW) 1 x putterU.S. Kids Golf Ultra Light UL 51/starter set for the size 126 – 135 cm UL 51 cm (135 cm)
You will receive a Tragebag (Double Strap) with automatic Foldable Stand 1 x Iron 6 1 x 8 iron 1 x Wooden 3 1 x pitching way (PW) 1 x Putter
Larger Club Heads to hit the ball even easier
Perfect Weight to hit the ball away
The ideal bat for children and youths

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