Price: £23.84

I-Gotcha Ready golf swing trainers:

Smooth your swing tempo and groove your swing

Are Quick & easy–Twist-N-Lock & start swinging!

Build a powerful release to increase distance

Increase flexibility and strength

IGotcha Ready golf swing trainers were designed it to warm-up and work the golf muscles and golf teachers are amazed at what it does for golf’s biggest swing flaws.

When the IGotcha golf swing trainer is placed in position two (under the grip), golfers who have never effectively released the club turn their hands over like a pro on the first try. When they start to release the club: bye bye slice… hello 20 extra yards. The same position under the grip also is amazing out of the sand and to help chipping.

Many golf teachers are already seeing the benefits of the IGotcha golf swing trainers in their instruction. It is a great new tool every golfer should use before every round, even if it is only to stretch properly and prevent injury.

Warming-up with the IGotcha Ready golf swing trainer is a three-step process:

•First, twist and lock the IGotcha Ready golf swing trainer in the center of the shaft. A few swings establishes great tempo, which is the first key to a great swing.

•Second, attach it under the grip to practice your power release.

•Finally, attach it at the hosel, and the weight stretches all of the major golf muscles. This adds the flexibility you normally don’t feel until the back nine.


“This product is absolutely infectious. As soon as one golfer in a group gets their hands on it, their friends quickly see how well it works. It’s not expensive, and does an important job.MENSThe IGotcha Ready One-Minute Warm-Up System is the first warm up system designed to prepare you
The three-step process starts with helping establish a smooth tempo and powerful release, while eff
It is like hitting a bucket of range balls and takes only a minute, while building distance and fle
The tour players love it because it replaces their seven pound warm up club they have been used to
The IGotcha Ready is a three-step process: First, twist and lock the IGotcha Ready in the center of

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