Acer XB SATIN wedge ladies RH graphite shaft and grip supplied, select your loft and select your shaft colour

Price: £44.99

The Acer XB combines the tradition, beauty and elegance of the past you would only expect with a blade style wedge. Starting with a classic teardrop shape, tapered hosel, very minimal offset, thin top line and narrow sole, no attention to detail is left out.

The four-way cambered sole and moderate bounce angles allow for maximum playability from a variety of situations you may encounter on the course. The versatility of the D-grind sole allows for the face to be opened when needed and is good from any lie to produce creative face angle positions for shots like “bump and run” and “the flop” around the green.

Perhaps the greatest attribute is that no other set of wedges are as complete and versatile as the Acer XB wedges. There are as many as 8 different lofts to choose from providing you with total short-game management. Many golfers are content with the standard 52, 56 and 60 degree set up, which we have you covered. We also have the harder, if not impossible to find higher lofted wedges like the 64 and the 68 degree for the high little delicate shots when you need to have the ball land softly.

With so many pitching wedges being manufactured with 46º of loft, for many golfers it makes more sense to carry 50, 54 and 58 degree lofts instead. This way they have the nice separation in distance without gaps from their game-improvement irons and still cover the majority of shots they will encounter on the course.

The picture shows the correct wedge but the loft maybe different to what you will select but we will deliver your selected loft(s). The same applies for LH and RH only RH is shown.8 lofts available in RH
4 lofts available in LH listed separately
50 deg is 10 deg bounce 52 deg is 12 deg bounce 54 deg is 14 deg bounce 56 deg is 14 deg bounce
58 deg is 12 deg bounce 60 deg is 12 deg bounce 64 deg is 8 deg bounce 68 deg is 6 deg bounce
full club supplied with graphite shaft and grip in the colour of your choice

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