Customised Power play select 5000 hybrid steel gents regular left handed number 2 select your grip size

Price: £39.31

Having trouble with your regular irons? Try the Power Play Select 5000 Hybrid Iron! The innovative hybrid shape is designed to be as easy to hit as your fairway woods, but with the accuracy you need in irons. The unique smooth sole design reduces the chance of digging into the ground and lowers the center of gravity to ensure that the ball gets out and gets airborne fast. Never hit a #1 iron in your life? Well, now you can!Hybrid designed for ease of play
available in both left hand and right handed (1 to 9, PW, SW)
fitted with the grip size of your choice
available in steel and graphite
in a variety of flexes (separate listings) ladies, senior, gents regular and gents stiff

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